Vista Valley Islamabad

Vista Valley Islamabad is an upcoming housing society located on the main Lehtrar Road, Islamabad. The housing scheme is located in a green, hilly area that features scenic and beautiful views of the lush green hills of Islamabad, which is guaranteed to deliver a quality of life that is close to nature to the residents. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) has not yet been issued to the housing scheme of Vista Valley Islamabad as it is still in its fetal stages of development. The management of Vista Valley Islamabad, however, claims that the Layout Plan (LOP) has been approved and hence the development is underway and the machinery has been sighted on the site. The housing scheme offers residential plots and farmhouses of various sizes with all the lavish facilities which are guaranteed to make the life of the residents truly majestic.

Vista Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

The payment plan for the plots that are offered in Vista Valley is kept budget-friendly, and since the housing scheme is new, the rates mentioned in the payment plan are pre-launch rates. Once the first phase of the plots is sold, the prices are expected to be increased dramatically. The payment plan lasts for 3 years, with the option of either paying the installments in monthly installments, summing up to a total of 36 monthly installments or by paying the installments on half yearly basis, summing up to a total of 6 installments. The payment plan is kept convenient to match the convenience of the investors. With the monthly installments starting from as low as only 15,000 a month and a half yearly installments starting from as low as only 76,666, it shows that the management is eager to not make the installment phase burdening for the investors. The following tables show the payment details of the residential plots that are offered in Visa Valley Islamabad:

Vista Valley Islamabad payment plan

Vista Valley Islamabad Master Plan

Vista Valley Islamabad is still in its premature stages, and hence the master plan has not yet been revealed by the management. The housing scheme, once developed, will be located on rocky mountainous terrain, which will feature beautiful and lush green views of the green hills of Islamabad. The housing project is sprawled over a large area of 5,000 kanals and it offers residential plots of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Apart from offering residential plots for sale, Vista Valley Islamabad will also offer farmhouses of the following sizes:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 6 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal


Vista Valley Islamabad is located at an ideal location, on the main Lehtrar Road. This road leads directly to the Islamabad Expressway (Faisal Avenue) which links the Twin Cities together, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The housing scheme is only 25 mins drive away from the Serena Complex, and only 15 mins drive away from the Bahria Enclave. The location of any housing scheme plays a major part in gaining publicity amongst the inventors. The more accessibility is given by a housing scheme, the more favored the project will be.




The ideal location of Vista Valley Islamabad grants it accessibility from the following areas:

  • Approximately 40 mins drive away from Zero Point
  • Approximately 20 mins drive away from Khannapul
  • Approximately 4 mins drive away from the Rind Road via Kosak Road
  • Approximately 30 mins drive away from the Islamabad International Airport
  • Approximately 20 mins drive away from Islamabad
  • Approximately 40 mins drive away from Murree


Unlike many other housing schemes, Vista Valley not only gives a lifestyle close to nature with its tranquil and beautiful environment, but it also offers luxury to the residents with the state-of-the-art facilities it has to offer to the residents. The following are the top-class facilities that will be available to the residents of Vista Valley:

  • Basic utilities: the supply of basic utilities i.e water, electricity, and gas, is something that should not be bothered when supplied to the residents. However, many cities across Pakistan including the major cities face acute shortages of these utilities, which has become a daily annoyance for the general public. Vista Valley Islamabad will make necessary arrangements so that the residents can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of basic utilities around the clock.
  • Graveyard: Death is an inevitable part of life. To make the burial place of your loved ones near your home, the housing scheme will feature a graveyard.
  • Mosque: Mosques will be part of the housing scheme which will serve as the epicenter of religious activities. These mosques will provide a tranquil environment, encouraging the comfortable worship of Muslims.
  • Parks: Parks will be available in Vista Valley Islamabad, where the residents can relax while enjoying the breathtaking views that Vista Valley Islamabad has to offer. The parks can also serve as the area for fresh morning walks, which helps in starting the day off fresh.
  • Transport: Vista Valley Islamabad will have its very own transport system, which will be active 24/7 to enable smooth mobility of the residents in the housing scheme.
  • Drainage: Stagnant water can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can be a source for multiple bacterial and virus infections from spreading. Proper drainage is required to ensure water doesn’t stagnate, and hence Vista Valley Islamabad will have an immaculate drainage system for drainage.
  • Network of roads: to enable a smooth flow of traffic, the roads of Vista Valley Islamabad will be wide enough to prevent the occurrence of traffic jams.
  • Educational institutes: to ensure the students of Vista Valley Islamabad receive top-class education, schools will be part of the housing scheme.
  • Security: security is an important aspect of a housing scheme. Vista Valley Islamabad will take appropriate measures to make sure the safety of the residents is maintained. CCTV cameras will be installed throughout the housing scheme to ensure surveillance of the areas is provided around the clock.


The following are the features that will be present in the magnificent housing scheme of Vista Valley:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Scenic views
  • Graveyard
  • Mosque
  • Parks
  • Transport
  • Proper Drainage
  • Street Lights
  • Schools
  • Wide streets and wide roads
  • Security
Booking Requirements

The beautiful location of Vista Valley Islamabad can easily charm anyone to invest in the housing scheme. If you are interested in booking a property in the beautiful housing project of Vista Valley, then the following documents are required to book a plot:

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Your National Identity card
  • National Identity card of your next of kin
  • The fulfillment of the payment of the down payment, which is respective to the size of the plot