Discover New Blue Area Islamabad - Where Innovation Meets Business Excellence

Welcome to the epitome of modern business and commercial prowess, New Blue Area Islamabad. Situated at the heart of the city, this dynamic hub redefines business, connectivity, and investment opportunities. With easy access to all sectors of Islamabad, New Blue Area beckons entrepreneurs and investors alike. Let’s explore the facets of this exclusive business destination and why it stands as a symbol of growth and progress.

New Blue Area's Master Plan

New Blue Area Islamabad encompasses 170 Kanals of commercial space, strategically positioned opposite F-9 Park along Jinnah Avenue. This thriving district, launched by the Government of Pakistan and inaugurated by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, presents a solution to Islamabad’s commercial demands. The meticulously designed infrastructure and modern planning ensure a balance between convenience and innovation.

New Blue Area's Payment Plans

New Blue Area offers an array of investment units and plots, providing you the flexibility to choose the right avenue for your business aspirations. Whether it’s acquiring a commercial plot, shop, or apartment, this vibrant zone caters to a variety of needs. The investment-friendly payment plans, including a 4-year installment option, make it an enticing prospect for those seeking a lucrative venture.

Owner & Developers:

New Blue Area Islamabad is a testament to visionary urban development, brought to life by the collaborative efforts of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and esteemed partners. This iconic venture, led by developers with a proven track record, ensures that your investment is backed by expertise and commitment. With a legacy of excellence, the owner and developers aim to create a thriving commercial ecosystem.

Location: Strategic Gateway to Business

Nestled along the main Chakri Road and adjacent to the Chakri Interchange, New Blue Area enjoys an exceptional strategic location. With direct access to M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and close proximity to major highways, this district facilitates seamless mobility within and beyond Islamabad. Its presence adjacent to F-9 Park adds to its allure.

Why Invest in New Blue Area: Unveiling Investment Potential - Why Choose New Blue Area

Investing in New Blue Area Islamabad is not merely a transaction; it’s an opportunity to be part of an ever-evolving business landscape. With the commercial value of its location, a diverse range of offerings, and the promise of substantial investment returns, New Blue Area is poised to be a prime investment destination. Its growing infrastructure, connection to key areas, and the reputation of its developers amplify its investment appeal.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Business with New Blue Area Islamabad

New Blue Area Islamabad is more than just a commercial district; it’s a gateway to a new era of business excellence. This project exemplifies innovation, connectivity, and investment potential. Its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and visionary planning create a landscape conducive to growth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking a strategic location or an investor aiming for high returns, New Blue Area beckons. Seize this opportunity and be part of the thriving business realm in Islamabad.