Moreno Enclave Islamabad

Moreno Enclave Islamabad is an upcoming housing project brought to life by the development company Moreno Holdings Private Limited which is owned by the well-reputed business tycoon Mr. Malik Nusrat Mehmood who founded the company. The development company aims to provide a luxurious and secure housing venture located close to the capital city, Islamabad. The project is ideally located opposite the B-17 Sector, with the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway within easy reach. The housing venture’s developers have currently applied to be approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) regarding the No Objection Certificate (NOC) and have already been awarded the Diary Number which brings them a step closer to being recognized as a fully approved society. The project is laid upon a large area of 8,000 Kanals, and it provides state-of-the-art amenities to boost the living standards of the residents and to ensure that their lifestyle is comfortable and luxurious. The payment plan is kept simple and convenient and the overall prices of the properties are kept budget-friendly. For those who wish to secure a home in an elite housing project at pocket-friendly rates, Moreno Enclave will not disappoint.

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Moreno Enclave Payment Plan

The payment plan is important for attracting investors. If the payment plan is kept convenient, more people choose to invest in the housing project since the installments are not burdening and the payments can be done with no hassle. Down payment of the plot is kept at 20%, which is required to book a plot. The installment period requires the payment of 14 quarterly installments. The following is the detailed payment plan for the residential plots of Moreno Enclave:

Master Plan

The housing project of Moreno Enclave is spread over a massive area of 8,000 kanals and it has a lot to offer to the residents. The workforce of Moreno Enclave includes skilled engineers, creative town planners, and experienced architects which will work hard to develop a luxurious housing project. Since the project is in its early stages, the master plan of the project is not yet announced and is expected to be announced somewhere around January and February. The developers of the housing venture anticipate delivering the project to the investors in 2 years. Residential plots will be offered in Moreno Enclave of the following sizes:
5 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Developers and Owners

The housing project of Moreno Enclave is being developed by Moreno Holdings Private Limited which is under the ownership of Mr. Malik Nusrat Mehmood who was previously a Revenue officer of the Government of Punjab. Mr. Malik is the founder of Moreno Holdings as well as the CEO of the company. He is seen as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the nation with over 25 years of experience in the real estate sector under his belt. Moreno Holdings aims to provide luxurious housing projects at affordable rates. The following are the other projects of Moreno Holdings Private Limited:

  • Moreno City: Moreno City is an upcoming housing project which will be situated close to the Islamabad International Airport. With the location of the housing project being on the CPEC route, it is set to restructure the cargo industry of Pakistan. The project will facilitate the movement of bulk cargo.
  • Moreno Sports City: Moreno Holdings Private Limited has planned to inaugurate a sporty project which will be located beside the Islamabad International Airport. This will be the epicenter of sports events. The project will feature lush greenery and an ICC standard cricket stadium and an academy for the following:
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Football


The location of the housing project plays a vital role in attracting investors as they prefer a location that falls under easy accessibility from the main cities and major areas. This greatly increases the investment potential of a housing project, securing a bright future ahead. The location of Moreno Enclave grants its investors those benefits as it is ideally located at the core of Islamabad, close to the main attractions of the city. It is located across B-17 Islamabad only 3 minute drive away from the (M1) Islamabad Motorway Interchange. The location also grants it accessibility to shopping areas, restaurants, parks, and many other recreational facilities.


The approval of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the concerned municipal authority is important to label a housing scheme as legit and legal. The approval of the NOC attracts more investors as they are assured that the housing venture is legal and not a fraud. For this purpose, Moreno Enclave has already applied for the NOC and is expecting to be approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). The dairy number of the NOC has already been awarded to Moreno Enclave as the management claims, and hence it won’t take long before the NOC is awarded. Once the NOC is awarded, the housing venture will get more publicity and the prices of the properties will be revised accordingly.

Nearby Notable Landmarks

The following are the key landmarks located proximate to Moreno Enclave:

  • Multi gardens B-17
  • Grand Trunk Road
  • Islamabad-Peshawar
  • Motorway (M1)
  • CPEC Western Route
  • Dhok Jhandu
  • International Airport
  • Thatta Khalil
  • WAPDA Town
  • Wahdat Colony
  • Fauji Cement
  • Company Limited
  • Srinagar Highway
  • Faisal Hills Islamabad

The quality of the facilities greatly matters in securing potential investors. The investors choose to invest in a project that will provide them with a comfortable living experience and provide them with top-notch amenities. To aim this anticipated desire, Moreno Enclave will provide the following facilities to its residents:

  • Secure project: To live in an environment peacefully, the safety of the resident must be guaranteed. Moreno Enclave has decided to take appropriate measures to ensure the residents will live in a secure environment. The housing venture will be gated to ensure no one goes into the housing project without being properly identified. Furthermore, With the help of Artificial intelligence, security will be enchanted. Surveillance will be provided by CCTV footage cameras.
  • For sports lovers, sports facilities will be available to the residents that will contain an ICC standard cricket stadium and many more lavish sports activities.
  • Solar energy systems: Global issues like global warming push people to move to alternate, renewable energy methods of producing electricity. Moreno Enclave secures its place as an environmentally friendly project by making use of solar cells.
  • To avoid the unpleasant view of the jumble of wires on poles and other locations, electricity to the residents will be provided via underground channels. This not only adds to the beauty of the housing project but also to safety by greatly reducing the chances of electrocution during events like rain.
  • To ensure the proper safety and hygiene of the area, the housing project will be equipped with a state-of-the-art disposal system.
  • Commercial sectors will be present in Moreno ENclave to ensure the shopping needs of the residents are satisfied.
  • No one likes traffic congestion. To ensure the probability of traffic jams is kept minimal, the roads of the housing venture are kept wide enough to allow smooth mobility of the traffic in the Moreno Enclave.
  • To enable the Muslims of the project to peacefully attend their religious acts, beautifully designed mosques will be part of the housing project located close to the homes of the residents.
  • Branded restaurants will be part of the housing scheme which will satisfy the food cravings of the residents.
  • Moreno Enclave’s beautiful location features breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills, which adds to the aesthetics of the housing venture. Furthermore, the project will have parks in the project where the residents can relax at.
  • Supply of Basic facilities: Moreno Encalve has taken necessary measures to ensure the supply of basic utilities: electricity, gas, and water will be provided round the clock all year to the residents, and they will not face the issue of utility shortage as many face nationwide.
  • A unique feature that is not available in many well-known housing projects is the concept of smart parking. This will enable the residents to park their vehicles in a safe environment and with no hassle. The smart parking concept put forward by Moreno Enclave features:

  • Smart parking maps
  • The smart signing of the vehicles
  • Sensors that will detect if a parking spot is available
  • Smart detectors for vehicles
Development Status

As of yet, Moreno Enclave has gathered a body of trained personnel to bring the housing venture into existence. Construction machinery and related material have arrived at the site of the project. Since the project is recent, proper development may take a while before it begins. The management of Moreno Enclave claims that they have been awarded the dairy number of the NOC.

Why Moreno Enclave

Moreno Enclave is a door of opportunity for investors who aim to invest in a prestigious and safe housing project which will deliver them an immaculate living experience. The housing scheme is an ecological society that is rich and provides a brilliant way of life. The following are the reasons which stand out to why investors should choose this particular housing venture:

  • One of the most outstanding features of Moreno Enclave is its ideal location within the bounds of the Federal Capital Islamabad. Moreno Enclave is located across from B-17 Gardens Islamabad near the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M1). The location grants multiple access routes which connect it to major areas of the city. To add more to the beauty of the project, the scenic views of Margalla Hills can be seen from the location of the project.
  • The developers of Moreno Enclave are recognized as skilled and well-reputed urban town planners. When the planners of a housing scheme are internationally recognized, it makes the community stand out amongst the other competitive housing projects.
  • Investors expect state-of-the-art amenities from housing projects to boost their standards of living. Moreno Enclave delivers an elegant lifestyle by providing such facilities that will make their living experience unique and dignified.
  • The prices of the properties are kept affordable, which makes the project accessible to the public of Pakistan. The payment plan is made convenient for the public to provide them with a chance at a luxury at budget-friendly rates.
  • Moreno Enclave holds promising potential. Promising housing schemes have a good chance of greatly increasing the return on investments. This will attract more investors to invest in the project.