Hawks Melbourne City

Housing schemes are becoming more and more common with time, especially within the boundaries of the twin cities. Concerning all the problems the general public of Pakistan faces, it is not surprising people turn to house schemes as they offer a  better and safer lifestyle. Hawks Melbourne is an emerging housing scheme in Islamabad which is located on Chakbeli Road. The name is inspired by the Australian city Melbourne, and it is being developed by Black Hawks Builders. The builders hope to bring the wonderful quality of Australian architecture to the twin cities of Pakistan. This prestige housing project will offer healthy activities, facilities, and a living style to the residents of Pakistan unlike any other. Residential and commercial plots will be available to purchase with a straightforward payment plan, with the overall prices being affordable to all classes of Pakistan. The developers of Hawks Melbourne claim the housing project to be the first project which will fall under the category of being a “hybrid energy housing project “

Hawks Melbourne City Payment Plan

To the prices being appealing to the public of Pakistan, the prices of the plots of Hawks Melbourne have been set such that it is easily affordable. Apart from being easily affordable, the payment plan brought forward by the management is simple and it offers convenience to the investors. The payment plan will last for 4 years. To give more flexibility to the buyers, payment modes of monthly (48 months) and yearly installments (4 installments per year) will be offered. Extra charges which may apply are as follows :

  • Corner facing plot: 10%
  • Park-facing plot: 10%
  • The plot is towards the main boulevard: 15%
  • Possession charges must be paid within 5 days after the plot is booked

Hawks Melbourne City Master Plan

The housing scheme of Hawks Melbourne is spread over a vast area of 2500 Kanals, and the management has revealed that the main boulevard will be 200 ft wide, which means mobility within the housing scheme will be of ease. The society will offer residential and commercial plots along with apartments. The payment plan and the prices of the plots have been announced. However, the prices of the apartments are not yet announced. There will be open public places where the residents can come and enjoy themselves in their leisure time. The following are the sizes of the residential plots that will be offered in Hawks Melbourne :

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Marla
  • 2 Marla

The following are the sizes of the commercial plots that will be offered in Hawks Melbourne:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla


The housing scheme of Hawks Melbourne is being developed by Black Hawks Builders, which has great experience in developing real estate projects under their name. They are well-reputed and well-known for strictly adhering to the set deadlines. They work tirelessly with full effort to reach the expectations of the customers on time.


Hawks Melbourne is located on Chakbeli road. It is next door to Rawat City, and Rawalpindi and DHA phase 3 is in proximity to Hawks Melbourne. Hawks Melbourne will be granted easy accessibility from the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR). The Grand trunk road is located close as well, which will grant further access to the elite housing scheme of Hawks Melbourne. 


Hawks Melbourne’s location was decided strategically to grant it as much accessibility as possible since that is one of the vital considerations which the investors take. The housing project will have uncomplicated accessibility from the following points :

  • Roughly 3 minutes’ drive away from Chakbeli Road
  • Roughly 5 minutes drive away from Rawat City, Rawalpindi
  • Roughly 10 minutes drive away from Giga Mall
  • Roughly 15 minutes drive away from the Grand Trunk Road
  • Roughly 15 minutes drive away from Imtiaz Mega Mall
  • Roughly 20 minutes drive away from DHA phases 2,3 and T-Chowk
  • Roughly 30 minutes drive away from Islamabad expressway
  • Roughly 45 minutes drive away from the Islamabad International Airport


The approval of the no objection certificate (NOC) is necessary for any housing scheme, which ensures investors that the housing scheme is legit and fully legal. Currently, the NOC of Hawks Melbourne is under approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The respective authorities are currently reviewing the application of NOC by Hawks Melbourne. Once approved, it is expected that the publicity and investment of the housing project will increase.


The management of Hawks Melbourne aims to bring the lavish lifestyle of Australia to Pakistan, and hence it offers top-notch facilities which will aid the residents in their daily lives as well as enhance their lifestyles. The following are the serene amenities offered in Hawks Melbourne :

  • Church: Unlike several other housing schemes in Pakistan, Hawks Melbourne has taken into consideration the religious activities of its Christian customers by announcing the inauguration of a church within the housing scheme.
  • Transport system (tram): Hawks Melbourne will be the first housing society in Pakistan that will feature a tram transport system to ensure the easy mobility of the residents throughout the housing scheme.
  • Mosque and Imam-Bargah: To look out for the religious activities of the residents, an Imam-Bargah and mosque will be within the housing scheme.
  • 24/7 Security surveillance: to ensure the safety of the residents, CCTV footage cameras will be installed
  • Horse Riding: apart from other sports activities, the housing scheme will also feature horse riding tracks.
  • Ecological Society: To counter the crisis of climate change and to give the residents a feeling like they are close to nature, the housing scheme of Hawks Melbourne will be an ecological society.
  • Water Filtration Plants: To cater to the drinking water needs of the residents, the management will install water filtration plants to make drinking water easily accessible to the residents.
  • Parks and Playgrounds: parks and playgrounds will be within the scheme where residents can go on morning walks or bring their children for playtime in their leisure time.
  • Gated Community: To add another level of security, the community will be gated with foolproof features which will keep unwanted personnel out.
  • Educational Institutes: To ensure that the residents won’t have to travel to the city for their education, the housing scheme will include educational institutes which will provide education with an international-level curriculum.
  • Wild Safari and Water Theme Park: The housing scheme will have a wild safari and a water theme park, which will serve as a chill-out point during the leisure time of the residents.
  • Main Boulevard: the main boulevard of Hawks Melbourne will be 200 ft wide, which will strike an appealing impression on the visitors and will also help in the smooth flow of traffic.

The housing scheme of Hawks Melbourne is still in its early phases, and hence development is underway. Since the NOC of Hawks Melbourne is still in the process of being approved, the development has not reached full speed till now. Once the required machines reach the site and the NOC is approved, swift development can be expected as Black Hawk Builders take deadlines seriously.