Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is a housing society located in Islamabad near the Koral Chowk. It can easily be accessed from the Islamabad expressway. This prestige housing scheme was brought to life by the well-reputed real estate company IBECHS. The housing scheme offers commercial and residential plots as well as farmhouses of various sizes. The housing scheme was announced in the year 2005 and was recognized as a legal housing society in 2009 by the capital development authority, and since then the development pace of the project has remained at steady pace. The housing scheme covers a large area of 42,000 kanals. Gulberg Islamabad is further divided into two major subsidiaries, Gulberg Greens which consists of farmhouses, and Gulberg Residencia which consists of the residential plots of the housing scheme. It’s been over a decade since the housing scheme’s development work was started and the plots were available in installments, now the plots are available only on a lump sum basis. The housing scheme offers state-of-the-art facilities in all blocks of the project, which confirms that the lifestyle of the residents will be an extraordinary one.

Gulberg Greens

This subsidiary of the Gulberg Islamabad comprises up-to-date farmhouses of various sizes with wide roads, mosques, medical facilities, branded restaurants, and spacious parks.

Gullberg Residencia

This subsidiary of the Gulberg Islamabad, as the name illustrates, is the residential part of the housing scheme with street lights, an underground system, a supply of basic utilities, commercial markets, kids’ playgrounds, and other salient features.

Gulberg Commercial

This part initiates from the Quaid E Azam bridge and it includes commercial buildings beside the main boulevard. This main boulevard is termed the Gulberg Expressway. Gulberg Business center and D Markaz Gulberg Islamabad are located in this sector of the housing project.

Developers and owners of Gulberg Islamabad

The massive and prestigious housing project of Gulberg Islamabad was brought to life by the Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad-IBECHS. They own a prominent place in the real estate development market, dating back to as far as 1984. The company hired Urban Planning and Design Private Limited as its project consultant. They have worked hard to make Gulberg Islamabad a successful project. Since the inauguration of the project in 2005 and its legal status achieved in 2009, remarkable progress can be seen.


Gulberg Islamabad boasts an ideal location and it certainly fills all the categories for being labeled as one. Due to its ideal location, investors favor this housing scheme over several others. It enjoys easy accessibility from the main Islamabad expressway. It is situated near Koral Chowk, which connects Rawalpindi with Islamabad. A red bridge, marking the entrance of Gulberg Greens, can be seen on the opposite side of Gulzar e Quaid and the judicial Colony.

Development Status

The housing scheme of Gulberg Islamabad is approved by the CDA, and hence the development pace has remained at a steady rate. Currently, the majority of the blocks of the society are complete and are inhabited by the residents. Commercial sectors are up and running with branded national and international brands. To say the least, the housing scheme is at its ending phases and is expected to be completely wrapped up in a matter of 3 years (expected).

No Objection Certificate

With the increasing number of housing projects inaugurated especially within the boundaries of the twin cities, it makes one wonder if the housing scheme they are investing in is legal or not. Legal housing schemes earn more investors and are favored by investors as they are assured that the housing project is legal and they won’t be robbed of their hard-earned money. Gulberg Islamabad has made sure that their investors are at ease in that concern, and hence they are duly approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under the license CDA/PLW-HS(127)/2009/257 number in. The NOC of Gulberg Islamabad was issued by the CDA in 2011. This explains the fast pace development of the housing scheme since everything is being carried out on legal terms.

Gulberg Islamabad Master Plan

Gulberg Islamabad has an immaculate master plan, which stands out when compared to the master plans of the nearby housing schemes. This massive housing scheme is sprawled over a vast area of 42,000 Kanals. The housing project is divided into two major parts: Gulberg Greens, which accumulates a total area of 18,660 Kanal including the extension of the area Gulberg Residencia, which accumulates a total land area of 19,390 kanals including the extension 3950 Kanals are dedicated to the Gulberg Islamabad Commercial and other similar projects. The layout plans of both parts vary from each other and are discussed further. Even though the housing scheme is divided, both sides enjoy equal facilities and a luxurious way of life.

Gulberg Greens Master Plan

This part of the housing scheme features farmhouses and as the name suggests, the area is lush with greenery. These farmhouses are located in Mouza Koral, Zone 4, Islamabad. Gulberg Green is categorized further based on the plot sizes offered:

  • Jasmine Enclave: offers 4 Kanal farmhouses
  • Rose Enclave: offers 5 Kanal farmhouses
  • Tulip Enclave: offers 10 Kanal farmhouses

Gulberg Residencia Master Plan

This part of the housing scheme features residential plots and commercial plots. Gulberg Residencia includes 21 blocks, starting from Block A to Block V, although it does not contain block U and block D is reserved for the commercial area. Block V is situated near Naval Anchorage. The following plot sizes are offered in Gulberg Residencia:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The plots are separated into various parts, depending on their location in the residential blocks. Most of the plots in Gulberg Residencia are ready to be possessed in the developed sectors near the commercial area block D Markaz.

Gulberg Islamabad Facilities

The quality of facilities which are offered in a housing project holds immense importance in attracting potential future residents. Gulberg Islamabad offers salient amenities for its residents so that they can lavishly enjoy their daily lives. The facilities which the residents of Gulberg Islamabad will enjoy are as follows:

Secure and gated: Gulberg Islamabad promises its residents that their safety is looked after by the management with utmost care. The society will be gated with checks to ensure no one enters without proper identification. Security personnel will patrol the society regularly to ensure safety across all the blocks in Gulberg Islamabad. To add another layer of security for the residents, CCTV cameras will provide surveillance of the housing scheme around the clock to ensure nothing goes unseen.

Wide network of roads: No one likes to wait on congested roads and traffic jams, Gulberg Islamabad has taken care of that problem by constructing the roads and streets network wide enough for the traffic to flow smoothly throughout the housing scheme. The main boulevard of the housing scheme is 200 ft wide. To further add an appealing feeling while driving, the roads and boulevards will be lined with green belts which provide a refreshing view and adds to the aesthetics of the housing scheme.

Basic utilities: Pakistan is a third-world country and most rural areas are still deprived of the basic utilities which are water, gas, and electricity. Gulberg Islamabad has made arrangements for the residents such that they won’t face the issue of the shortage of any of these utilities. Moreover, water filtration plants will be planted on various parts of the housing scheme to provide clean drinking water.

Mosques: mosques are part of every block and so the residents won’t have to travel far when they wish to pray.

Sports facilities: Gulberg Islamabad is eager for the residents to partake in sports activities and for this purpose, they have provided multiple options for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness clubs and gyms will promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to stay fit. Multiple sports grounds for different sports so that the residents can take part in outdoor sports as well.

Parks and Playgrounds: the housing scheme will have multiple parks and playgrounds. Jogging tracks and walkways in the parks will allow for a fresh morning walk for the residents to start their day with, or they could come and relax in their leisure time. The playgrounds will be a source of fun and entertainment for all kids.

Educational complex: Gulberg Islamabad is a complex package, as it offers international standard education with high-end educational institutes. These institutes will also be open to children who don’t reside in Gulberg Islamabad. Riphah University has already inaugurated its Gulberg Campus in the housing scheme.

Medical Complex: To ensure the health of the residents is looked after with care, the housing scheme will contain pharmacies, laboratories, and a 600-bed Riphah International hospital. These facilities will be equipped with the necessary equipment and with skilled staff to ensure maximum health care.

Amusement Park: To further increase the entertainment options available for the residents, an amusement park will also be a part of the housing scheme.

Cinemas: Amongst the few of its kinds including a cinema for the residents, Gulberg Islamabad will contain multiplex cinemas for entertainment purposes. These cinemas are open to the citizens residing outside of Gulberg Islamabad as well.

Commercial Centers: Similar to the blue area, Gulberg Islamabad will feature commercial centers which will be similar to the business hubs of Islamabad. This will provide an opportunity for businesses to flourish for new businesses. Various businesses have already started operating. The key planned projects within Gulberg Islamabad are:

  • Samama Star Mall and Residency
  • Diamond Mall and Residency
  • Gulberg Trade Center
  • Gulberg icon
  • Gulberg Mall and Signature Living
  • Prism Heights
  • AJ Mall
  • Gulberg Emporium and Arena
  • Karakoram Greens
  • Shanghai Heights
  • Luxus Malls and Residencies
  • Gulberg Twin Tower
  • Gulberg Marina
  • Sparco Tower
  • Aries Tower
  • Kazani 3
  • Well-known commercial projects in Gulberg Islamabad D Markaz are:
  • Gulberg Rabi Center
  • The Magnus Mall
  • D8 heights
  • Marvel Mall
  • Grand City
  • Platino Mall
  • Al-Hafiz Grand mall
  • Citi Heights Mall
  • The arcadia
  • Al Siddeeq Square
  • Al Suffah Heights
  • Yasin Arcade