Citi Housing Society

Citi Housing Society, formerly known as “Golf Residencia”, is a supposedly approved housing scheme in Kharian which is developed by Citi Housing PVT Ltd. This prestige housing scheme is located on the main Grand Trunk Road, Kharian and hence it boasts an easily accessible location. Citi Housing Kharian offers residential and commercial plots at affordable rates, with world-class amenities which will surely make the lives of the residents lavish and unlike any other.

Citi Housing Society Payment Plan

Citi Housing scheme offers commercial and residential plots at affordable rates. Moreover, the payment plan put forward by the management of Citi Housing Society is not complicated and hence it is understandable by everyone. The installments are paid in 12 quarterly installments. Since the housing scheme is in its development phases, the property prices are pre-launch and are expected to increase later on. If the property is purchased in the pre-launch phase, the following benefits can be availed:


  • Development charges are included with the cost of the plot
  • There will be no processing charges

Citi Housing Society Master Plan

The master plan of Citi Housing Society Kharian was developed by skilled professionals of Citi Housing Private Limited. The location chosen also grants easy accessibility from multiple access points. The futuristic infrastructure ensures the residents that their life quality in Citi Housing will be a lavish and comfortable one. The entry boulevard will be 300 ft wide, and the inner part of the housing scheme is beautiful as well considering there are parks and rose gardens. The developing work is being carried out at a fast pace to meet the expectations of the customers. The housing scheme offers residential and commercial plots of various sizes. The sides of the residential plots offered are the following:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The housing scheme of Citi Housing offers commercial plots in the following sizes:

  • 66 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla


The housing scheme of Citi is being developed by Citi Housing Private Limited. Citi Housing PVT Ltd is well known for its international level of development and it is led by Amer Malik who is the chairman of the company. The CEO of the company is Zoraiz Malik and the executive Marketing Director is Rana Zahid Ali. All three of them have experience in the real estate market with a high customer satisfaction rate. The skill force of Citi Housing PVT Ltd are well reputed for developing projects within the respective deadlines. Citi Housing PVT Ltd has other successful projects in multiple major cities of Pakistan.


The management of Citi Housing Kharian claims that the no objection certificate of the housing scheme is appropriately approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of Kharian. Approved housing societies earn quick publicity as well as the trust of the customers since they are assured that the housing scheme is legal. The project is still in its fetal stages, and hence other required documents are underway for approval.


Citi Housing scheme Kharian is located at the Kharian District Gujrat, Sarai Alamgir at the main Grand Trunk Road. This prime location grants the housing scheme easy accessibility from multiple points, which is why it has earned the favor of investors.


The favorable location of Citi Housing Society grants it accessibility from the following points:

  • Located at the Grand Trunk Road
  • Approximately 10 min drive away from Sarai Alamgir
  • Approximately12 min drive away from Jhelum city
  • Approximately 15 min drive away from the Kharian Cantt
  • Approximately 15 min drive away from Kharian City
  • Approximately 15 min drive away from the Jhelum Cantt
  • Approximately 20 min drive away from River View Golf Course
  • Approximately 50 min drive away from Gujrat City
  • Approximately 60 min drive away from Mirpur City


The facilities which a housing scheme has to offer are of vital importance since it greatly helps in attracting possible future residents. The Citi housing scheme is one of the best in Kharian, and the amenities it has to offer are something that can not go unnoticed. The facilities offered are top-notch, which guarantees better lifestyles for those who choose the Citi Housing scheme as their home. The following are the principal facilities of Citi Housing Kharian:

  • Gated and bordered: a sense of safety is required for people to lead a peaceful life. The management of Citi Housing takes this very seriously. They have taken appropriate measures to make sure the safety of the residents is assured. CCTV cameras will be present throughout the housing scheme to make sure everything is under watch. To add another layer of security, the housing scheme will be enveloped by a border wall which will ensure unwanted personnel is kept out.
  • Sports and fitness activities: For those who wish to take part in healthy sports activities, the management of Citi Housing Kharian has got them covered. There will be various areas where they can take part in sports. Indoor and outdoor sports will be offered. The housing scheme will have gyms with the most adequate machinery which will surely make the workout efficient and jogging tracks where people can jog calmly while listening to music. It will also feature a cricket stadium for all cricket lovers. A swimming pool will also be included. To give a feeling of modern life, a golf course will also be included.
  • Water Filtration: The provision of fresh drinking water is a must when it comes to the facilities offered by any housing scheme. The management of Citi housing will be installing water filtration plants to make fresh drinking water easily available.
  • Supply of water, electricity, and gas: Pakistan faces the issue of frequent power outages, supply of drinking water for chores, and availability of gas. The management of Kharian has made appropriate arrangements so that the supply of basic utilities will be without interruption to the residents of Citi Housing.
  • Racecourse: A race course will be present for people who love taking part in races.
  • Top-notch entertainment: Entertainment is needed for people of all ages so that they can relax and enjoy their time off from work/studies. The management of Citi Housing has prepared multiple areas where the residents can spend time with their friends and families. The entertainment facilities which are offered include a 3D cinema featuring the latest blockbuster hits, a water theme park, a beautiful replica of the Eiffel Tower, a zoo and a safari park, and many more.
  • Schools: Citi housing will have the very best educational institutes to make sure that the students will receive a quality education from highly trained staff.
  • Medical facility: medical centers will be present to provide the best healthcare to the residents. The centers will be equipped with modern-day equipment which will aid the staff in providing the best healthcare.
  • Mosque: Mosques will be present in the housing scheme which will act as the religious centers where the residents can peacefully commit to their worship.

Commercial sector: commercial sectors will be present with shopping malls where the residents can purchase branded items all under a single roof.


The following are the noteworthy features of the elite housing scheme of Citi Housing Kharian:

  • Schools
  • Mosques
  • 24/7 security
  • 24/7 supply of electricity, gas, and water
  • Medical facilities
  • Affordable properties
  • Adequate water resources
  • Eco-Friendly environment
  • Accessible location
  • Development of high quality
Booking Requirements and Procedure

Citi Housing Scheme values the thoughts of its customers and it has a lot to offer at budget-friendly rates. So why wait? The booking process of the Citi Housing Scheme is straightforward, followed by the easy installment plan. Rest assured that the customers will face no difficulty in booking a property. To acquire the booking application form, visit the official website of the Citi Housing scheme (CITI HOUSING). Once you reach the website, you can either get in touch with the management by heading over to the contact us tab and contacting them with the available options. You can also physically acquire the booking form from the head office. The following documents will be required to attach along with the application form. Please ensure that the documents are up to date.

  1. Two Passport Size photographs
  2. Two Photocopy of Passport (if available) and National Identity Card
  3. Two Copy of the National Identity Card of Overseas Pakistanis
  4. Two Photocopy of the National Identity Card of the next of kin
  5. Two Photocopy of the payment receipt

Follow the following steps for the booking process:

  1. Carefully fill out the application form. Ensure that the information entered is accurate and without mistakes to avoid any hassle.
  2. Attach the required documents along with the application form
  3. Pay the dues of the down payment of the plot via cheque, or cash, or pay the order in favor of “Citi Housing Kharian”. Please confirm the down payment prices of the management in case of any updates.
  4. Acquire the receipt after submitting the documents, application form, and the payment