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The real estate industry is flourishing industry in Pakistan. Civil Engineers and architects are highly valued and appreciated when they decide to choose the field of real estate as their professional career. Pakistan is a country where parents only restrict their children to join either a specific field of engineering. If not engineering, the only other option they would typically go for (if eligible) is the medical field, and apply themselves for the MBBS degree. Students should be informed about the importance of other fields, and a field that is as successful as the real estate industry should not be slept upon thus we have decided to open positions for hire. 


We are opening a window of opportunity and are offering jobs for people to join our firm. Opening job opportunities is a way for business firms to promote themselves apart from posting advertisements on multiple sites or locations. Females are also encouraged to apply since we need innovative and creative mindsets and we don’t discriminate on gender! So do you think you are eligible to join the workforce of our real estate company? Then make haste! Apply now and do not miss this opportunity to join our firm and be a part of one of the most successful industries in Pakistan

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