Avalon City Islamabad

Discover the future of living at Avalon City Islamabad, an upcoming landmark in the real estate landscape. As the epitome of technological advancement and innovation, Avalon City offers a unique blend of affordability, world-class facilities, and an exceptional lifestyle.

Owners & Developers of Avalon City Islamabad:

Backed by trusted owners and developed by renowned ZKB Developers, Avalon City Islamabad assures quality and reliability. The project envisions a tech-enabled society where modernity meets convenience.

ZKB Engineers & Constructors:

The Developers: With over 152 projects, ZKB Developers have established their name in successful project delivery. Their commitment to timely completion and quality construction makes them the driving force behind Avalon City’s development.

NOC Status of Avalon City:

While the NOC approval is in progress, all legal documents have been submitted for Avalon City’s regulatory clearance, ensuring a positive outcome for this promising venture.

Location and Map of Avalon City:

Strategically located on main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange, Avalon City Islamabad enjoys easy accessibility from major highways. Its ideal location places it amidst prominent housing societies, enhancing its appeal.

Master Plan and Features of Avalon City:

With cutting-edge technology, Avalon City’s master plan presents a vision of modernity. Offering diverse plot sizes, load shedding-free environment, and tech-savvy features, the society redefines urban living.

Avalon City Payment Plan:

Investors have the opportunity to choose from various residential plot sizes with a flexible payment plan. A 3-year installment option with 10% down payment ensures affordability and convenience.

Salient Features and Amenities:

Secure your future in a society that prioritizes security, education, health, and advanced utilities. From 24/7 surveillance to automated systems, Avalon City offers a lifestyle enriched with modern conveniences.

Reasons to Invest in Avalon City:

With reputable owners, developers, and designers, Avalon City stands as a beacon of trust. Its strategic location, affordability, and high-tech features make it a lucrative investment choice.

How to Book a Plot in Avalon City:

Booking a plot in Avalon City is a seamless process designed for investor convenience. With straightforward steps and document submission, securing your place in this technological haven is hassle-free.

Pros and Cons of Avalon City:

Evaluating the pros and cons of Avalon City aids informed decision-making. From renowned ownership to ongoing development, we weigh the factors that shape this exceptional project.


An Opportunity to Invest: Avalon City Islamabad emerges as a groundbreaking project that blends technology with convenience. Its trusted credentials, modern features, and ROI potential position it as an investment opportunity worth exploring.

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